God loves people of influence, and He has a wonderful plan for their life. He loves the talented, the gifted and the famous just as much as he loves the poor, the humble and the rejected. He knows that deep down inside, everyone is basically the same. Everyone has a God-shaped blank that can only be filled with Jesus.

The Power of Prayer

God’s love is able to reach anyone, including Hollywood superstars who, one would think, are having so much fun that they would never find time for God. Take Jim Carrey, for instance. God has placed withing him a gift for making people laugh. Yet he has struggled with depression for most of his life. 

If you watch the video below (captured at HomeBoys Industries, a Christian program directed by Father Greg Boyle that ministers to high-risk youth in Los Angeles), you will hear a man who has been impacted by the Spirit of God and is struggling to articulate what he is feeling. I believe what is happening in Jim Carrey’s heart and life is the result of prayer. Let’s continue to pray for this man that God will have His way in his life!

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