Pray for a spiritual awakening in  Mexico.

Lake Chapala, MX

Pray for Lake Chapala, Mexico, that the young people (the majority) will get a revelation of Jesus and His purpose for their lives and that God will open the eyes and the hearts of the thousands of expats and retirees living on the lakeside.

Pray for the USA

“I am asking everyone on my timeline that believes in the power of prayer to please pray for America. need to flood Facebook with pray for Americaprayer. Our nation is hurting. Lord, we need You! Please sweep through this nation and heal this land. Restore our strength, renew our minds, and cast out anything that’s not of You.
In Jesus’ name, WE pray.
Amen.” ~Jessica

Pray for Billy

Please stop and say a special prayer for Billy (DIPG). Radiation has not worked for Billy as he is progressing (which means that the tumor is growing bigger and more symptoms are showing as a result). Such a sweet boy doesn’t deserve this. Yet we must pray and hold onto to that hope that our Savior provides.

Pray for Maciah, a little boy in Pakistan

Please pray for Maciah, a little boy in Pakistan, who is tottering between life and death. His parents are ministers who have devoted themselves to the ministry in this needy country.

PRAISE UPDATE: “Micaiah is much better now and soon he will be discharge in Jesus name, this is great news, could I ask you to continue to pray ? him” ~Paul Richards

Pray for little Kaylee

Hi Guys could we pray for this little girl,her name is Kaylee she is 2 yrs old,doctors say she cant grow anymore and her live to 4 yrs old,could pray for this little girl,we no what the Lord can do in impossible situations

Pray for and Submit Prayer Requests Below:


  • I need the Church to please pray that I recover my box full of recorded Mini DV's with sentimental Church memories that had been stolen out of my relatives Car since January. I pray I get them in whatever way I possibly can. Whether I buy them from the thrift shop, on Ebay or from the person that has them or from someone that took them from out of the recycling bin that's curious about what's on the Mini DV Tapes. Cause I can't believe that person threw them away. I know this might be a pointless prayer but please try and pray cause it's hurting me that I do not have these Tapes. Please pray that I recover these sentimental memories as swiftly as possible. The Most High is my only hope. Thanks in advance.
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  • Please pray for Haiti. Pray for the 17 that were kidnapped. Pray for all the innocent still there. Pray that God will change the hearts of these gang members.
  • Please pray for Thomas Carpenter Jr. Suffering from Kidney Cancer. The doctors are delayed in dealing with this due to staffing issues related to COVID. He needs attention ASAP and let's pray for his complete healing. Jesus is the Great Physician! Let's join together and come boldly before the throne for Thomas!
  • Family and friends,
    Many have been reaching out and this is the easiest way to let all know what’s going on.

    Alex was in a very serious accident today at school. The company that mows the county lawn across from the playground was doing so during recess. As such, something flew out of it and hit Alex in the back of the head. He has sustained significant brain injuries, including a brain bleed and a huge fracture in the back of his skull. Alex is currently in surgery and they’re doing a decompressive craniotomy to release pressure and possibly remove part of backbone temporarily as it all depends upon the swelling.

    Please say many prayers for our family!!

    Thank you so much for everyone that’s been reaching out. We will keep everyone posted.

    Caryn & Kirbey
  • Please keep this amazing family in your prayers.
    Mark (husband/ father) is in the hospital on a respirator.
    He has viral pneumonia from COVID, as well as bacterial pneumonia.
    He is currently in an induced coma.
    Needing a breakthrough miracle!!
    Jennifer (wife/mother) and Ruthi (daughter)
    I had the honor of meeting them in Mozambique, many moons ago.
  • Friends - please lift up Dave Nielsen.
    His heart is back in AFiB, his lung function is being severely suppressed by a Rheumatoid Arthritis medication (functioning at 50-60% of capacity) and he’s just flat out in a lot of pain.
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