Pray for a spiritual awakening in  Mexico.

Lake Chapala, MX

Pray for Lake Chapala, Mexico, that the young people (the majority) will get a revelation of Jesus and His purpose for their lives and that God will open the eyes and the hearts of the thousands of expats and retirees living on the lakeside.

Pray for the USA

“I am asking everyone on my timeline that believes in the power of prayer to please pray for America. need to flood Facebook with pray for Americaprayer. Our nation is hurting. Lord, we need You! Please sweep through this nation and heal this land. Restore our strength, renew our minds, and cast out anything that’s not of You.
In Jesus’ name, WE pray.
Amen.” ~Jessica

Pray for Young Alex

Alex was in a very serious accident at school. The company that mows the county lawn across from the playground was doing so during recess. As such, something flew out of it and hit Alex in the back of the head. He has sustained significant brain injuries, including a brain bleed and a huge fracture in the back of his skull. Alex is currently in surgery and they’re doing a decompressive craniotomy to release pressure and possibly remove part of backbone temporarily as it all depends upon the swelling.

Pray for Maciah, a little boy in Pakistan

Please pray for Maciah, a little boy in Pakistan, who is tottering between life and death. His parents are ministers who have devoted themselves to the ministry in this needy country.

PRAISE UPDATE: “Micaiah is much better now and soon he will be discharge in Jesus name, this is great news, could I ask you to continue to pray ? him” ~Paul Richards

Pray for little Kaylee

Hi Guys could we pray for this little girl,her name is Kaylee she is 2 yrs old,doctors say she cant grow anymore and her live to 4 yrs old,could pray for this little girl,we no what the Lord can do in impossible situations

Pray for and Submit Prayer Requests Below:


  • Unspoken prayer request. God bless!
  • Pray for God to fill America and the World with Heavenly strongholds of wisdom, knowledge, revelation, insight, discretion, critical thinking, discernment, understanding, purpose, meaning, conscientiousness, consideration, courtesy, thoughtfulness, commonsense, compassion, sympathy and empathy. God bless!!!
  • Pray for God to surround America with Heavenly spiritual armor, power, Himself, and Heavenly Military from Heaven. For Its deliverance from all evil. God bless!!!
  • Pray for God to fill Lakewood Church in Houston, TX with spiritual armor, power, Angels, Himself, anointing oils, manna, living water, His Blood and more. God bless!!!
  • Please pray for God to fill Houston, TX with spiritual power, armor, living water, His Blood, manna, Angels, Himself, anointing oils, spiritual plant life and more. For Its deliverance from all evil. God bless!!!
  • Pray for God to fill Christian Community Church in Pompano Beach, Florida with all spiritual blessings He desires. Thanks!!!
  • Please pray for God to fill my property with various types of Heavenly spiritual quartz crystal and power. Thanks!!!
  • Pray for God to deliver Pennsylvania from all evil and to bless It with every spiritual/physical blessing He desires. God bless!!!
  • Pray for God to deliver Jennifer and her home/car from all evil. For God to bless her, her home/car with all spiritual blessings He desires. For her total protection, spiritual armor/power. For His Presence to fill/surround her and Angels too. Favor, grace, His mind for her. Thanks!!!
  • Pray for God to bless me with all He has for me in all areas of my life. For cancelation of the enemy's plans for me and my life. Thanks!!!
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