Waves are majestic. They’re powerful, They’re refreshing. They evoke wonder and awe. They invite participation. They bring renewal. They gain power with forward movement. They re-define the shoreline.

There is nothing like sprinting on a summer’s day across golden mounds of powdery sand into the slick shiny surface from which a wave has withdrawn, knowing that in a matter of seconds a wall of massive, invigorating water and energy will knock you off you feet. Such is the disarming and alluring power of a wave.

There is a lesson here. Waves offer a metaphor for the world we live in. Terms like “the wave of the future” and “catch the wave,” and “crest of the wave” have become synonymous with becoming part of a movement that is is bigger than you, something so bold and powerful that it is sure to sweep you off your feet .

How A Wave Is Formed By Prayer

In the natural realm, a wave originates far from the shore, when a dark spot called a “cat’s paw” forms in the still ocean water. Early in the morning, when the wind begins to blow, this dark spot turns into a ripple. As the wind continues to blow upon it, the ripple gains in strength, producing a wave.

The analogy is clear: in the place of prayer–a dark place, alone with God–we form a spiritual “cat’s paw.” God hears our prayer of faith spoken in a place of obscurity (our prayer closet) and He begins to blow upon it with His spirit, igniting the power inherent in the promises of His Word. The resulting wave of momentum carries His people forward to step out in faith and do exploits in His name. With wind in our sails, we often become the answer to our own prayers. But even more often we are carried by the momentum of others who stand with us as wave makers and mountain movers.

The analogy is clear: in the place of prayer–a dark place, alone with God–we form a spiritual “cat’s paw.”

We are all inspired into motion by something bigger than ourselves. It might be an example of heroism, inspiring words, or an experience that creates a heartfelt conviction. We are moved into action that initially may be ever so small—but in time, united with others, grows in strength. Wind is a metaphor for God’s Holy Spirit.  The Spirit always works in conjunction with the Word. As prayers go up, millions of people can be influenced to action.

The prophet Habakkuk saw a day when  “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab 2:14) We can play a part in the fulfillment of this prophecy with our prayers!

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