“If you do something on a wing and a prayer, you do it hoping that you will succeed, although you are not prepared enough for it.”~The Cambridge Dictionary

This is Jim Thorpe. Take a close look at the picture and you will notice that his shoes and socks don’t match. This wasn’t a fashion statement. It was the 1912 Olympics, and Jim, a Native American from Oklahoma, represented the U.S. in track and field. On the morning of his competitions, his shoes were stolen. But that didn’t stop Jim.  He managed to find two shoes in a garbage can. That’s the pair he is showcasing in this photograph. One shoe was too large, so he had to wear an extra sock. With these shoes, Jim won two gold medals that day.

This is a memorable moment in history, a reminder to us all that we don’t have to resign to the excuses that have held us back. So what if life hasn’t been fair? What are we going to do about it today? Whatever obstacle you envountered when you rolled out of bed this morning : stolen shoes, sickness, a relationship on the rocks, a belly-up business, a closed door, don’t let it stop you from running your race! You can experience more in life if you’ll get over the excuses and get on with living.

Need a kick start? How about starting off the morning with a conversation with God in prayer? It works!  Ask David.

King David’s song when he was exiled in the Judean wilderness:

“I’m energized every time I enter
your heavenly sanctuary to seek more of your power
and drink in more of your glory. For your tender mercies mean more to me than life itself.
How I love and praise you, God!

Daily I will worship you passionately and with all my heart.
My arms will wave to you like banners of praise.

 I overflow with praise when I come before you,
for the anointing of your presence satisfies me like nothing else.

You are such a rich banquet of pleasure to my soul.”  Psalm 63: 2-5




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