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Hello! Please add to your prayer list the following. Salvation for Israel and melinda and restoration of our relationship with open doors of communication/fellowship and connection with them and with don brooke ryan and others friends. Pray for me for finances to come in speedily and that my art business would prosper and i would flow with all manner of creativity and have a successful enterpreturship. Pray for healing of memory and reading so i may enjoy reading again and recall what i read. Pray for ease of weight loss and abundant energy and all blocks to be removed. Prayer for healing of sleep and being able to get rest that i need. Prayer for healing of mind soul and spirit and restoration of life.

Prayers for the salvation of crystal, brian josiah, alex lili, holly, andrew avery kumar daylina brandy frank donna mame and frank2 clinton colin, and rob and healing of their minds bodies and spirit help them do well in their profession, get good housing and jobs and the health care and support they need. .
Continue to pray that Debbie, cameron greg, richard don and ruthy would prosper in health, in work, and in their relationships with family and others. Pray that I would be able to spend time with ruthy and other friends and be able to fellowship more frequently with them.
pray for the healing of patti and kenneth in their bodies and hearts and help them find both healing from the loss of their son and the resolvement of issues with son’s burial.

Pray for the healing of the fischer family and heal the relationships of pastor jim and deb to their daughters crystal and jennifer. Pray for jenn and crystal to be healed mentally and emotionally and spiritually and be able to find appropiate housing and jobs and resources and mental health care.

Pray for Jason and Jessie to be healed from depression and jason to return to faith. Pray that Lisa would forgive jim and joyce and that jim and joyce would have healing in their life and freedom from all biases and prejudices. Pray that my family would have connection and healing to each other. Heal my uncle gary and aunt linda and lauren/daniel. Bring blessing and healing and faith to lilly, jack and alex gabby, and lincoln.

Pray for a healthy pregnancy for kitty bless her and her future baby girl. Salvation for her too.

Pray for a year or keep them on the list till further notice. Thank you for your prayers.