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This request is from his wife:

“This is Cindy with an update on Termite and an URGENT REQUEST FOR PRAYER. Late last night I took him back to the hospital due to dropping Pray for Termiteoxygen levels, he was admitted & put on oxygen immediately.

This morning I received a call from his case manager. He was taken to the intermediate care floor (between regular and ICU). His oxygen improved but they are trying to get his coughing under control so they don’t have to put him on a vent. He’s not able to eat much so they will begin feeding him through his IV. They have also reached out to the infectious disease doctors to see if there are any additional meds that can be added at this time.

We are asking you to PLEASE PRAY THAT HE CAN STOP COUGHING SO NO VENT IS NEEDED. We are believing for a supernatural healing, a quick response to the measures the doctors are taking.

Thank you so much for all the prayers, love, messages, & calls. I cannot keep up with responding to everyone, so just know our family is more than grateful. WHEN Termite gets well, it will be a pleasure to share with him all the love & well wishes from all of you.

We are a family of great faith and we know and believe that “no weapon (or virus) formed against us will prosper…for this is the heritage of the servants of the Living God.”

Believing & standing on His promises for my sweetheart ~Cindy”