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From Melissa at the hospital:

“Update: not doing so well. The pulmonologist just ordered and had them complete a STAT xray to see what is going on. They have me on 50L O2 @ 100% and my oxygen saturation is in low to mid 80s at best. I asked about them draining my lungs but they need tests to create a plan. They have me on the xanax to stay calm and need me to not move around as much as possible because i drop my o2 into the 70s. They have me on more monitors to make sure i stay safe enough for O2 range. They cannot put me on a CPAP breathing machine because of the Pneumomediastinum (air leak into my check cavity). The xray will show if that is growing or what. Just so you understand the level of severity CPAP comes before putting me n mechanical ventilation (chest tube). I need my prayers warriors to pray and plead and petition God by His name: Jehovah Rapha (the God who heals). Please everyone cover me in prayer!!! The Lord is faithful and WILL do a miraculous healing work in me!! Thank you all for the prayers, support and encouragement! Pray without ceasing! 🙏🏻💗